Egypt for Tour

Palces and Cruises

Cruises and Diving

Egypt is characterized by a general climate of mild summers and winters, where the visitor spend interesting times in the summer in the beaches which stretching for a distance of 1181 kilometers along the coasts of Mediterranean from Salloum to Rafah from the northern , and from Suez in the east to the far southern border of East on the Red Sea for a distance of 1085 km more

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Egypt has areas of desert and mountainous offers fun and adventure fortourists who love safari, whick makes safari tourism spreading in St.Catherine Mount , Moses Mount , and the oases of El Dakhla and El Kharga which is rich by monuments, and water springs and wells, and Al Ain El Sukhna, where tourists interested in monitoring animals in the desert, and migratory birds from one place to another. المزيد

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Curative tourism

Egypt was famous by mineral water and sulfur-free and dry atmosphere, what sand and silt has for the treatment of many diseases, and the multiplicity of its beaches and water seas, with its unique natural properties. more

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Conferences & Festivals

Conferences and exhibitions Tourism represents an important tourism pattern,Egypt's geographical location and its political position give it a great opportunity to host المزيد

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