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Red Sea Governorate is one of the governorates of Egypt. it stretches along with the coast  of Red Sea for 1080 km, from the Gulf of Suez, to the borders of Sudan. with an area of 119 thousand km ², about ⅛ any area of Egypt. It consists of six cities (Ras Gharib - Hurghada - Safaga - Marsa Alam and then El Qosair - Marsa Alam - Shlaten) . it has a warm sunny weather throughout the year. And the ancient port known as one of the best diving centers and tourist resorts. 


The achievements in the field of roads are many, most of roads were sandy, so it has been many projects of paving and establishment.

electricity is one of the sectors that have a clear imprint in the achievements of the Red Sea Governorate, where every citizen feels how fed lighting residential
communities as well as its impact on the rapid rates of growth, investment and tourism in the governorate. 

Communications is one of the factors that ha
ve an impact on the wheel of development and tourism movement in Red Sea Province.

Administrative division

 Red Sea governorate
Divided to 6 stations

Marsa Alam

El Qosair
Ras Gharib