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Hieroglyphic Alphabetic

Hieroglyphic Alphabetic



Rosetta Stone Made in Egypt in 196 BC from the black basalt stone. The current dimensions are 118 * 77 * 30 cm which is stable now in the British Museum, who provided a copy fake replica of it to the new Great Library of Alexandria.
On the Rosetta Stone we find that there are three texts written in three lines:
- Line Hieroglyphic .. Text top.
- Line Aldemutiqi .. Smaller text.
- Greek Line .. Bottom text.

Journal of the French campaign in Egypt

The French campaign in Egypt issued newspaper read by all the French army to know the aspiration scientific, historical, religious and other news
discoveries from declaring newspaper forces campaign "to Akurien Degpt" the news of this important historical discovery and asked whether the presence of writing Greek, which appears to be a translation of the text of the Egyptian can provide us with key To read the hieroglyphic language

Champollion unpacking the code of the Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone was the key to solving the mystery of hieroglyphs, the French scientist Champollion had long study of these inscriptions on stone

The first attempt to decode this stone was by Swedish diplomat Thomas Ocirbel in 1920, which he knows the name of Ptolemy, and some other characters, while the British scientist Thomas Laing has discovered that writing of the hieroglyphic characters are vocals. And property names written inside ovals
Egyptologists called it cartridges, but he made a mistake in the acoustic properties of these symbols.
The French Champollion discovered the ancient Egyptian language by comparing the characters to each other especially the names, and this discovery led to the break. Champollion was able to decode the hieroglyphics in 1822
Champollion deciphered it because he knew the Coptic language in the stone
Egyptian was able to get several letters and by matching them with some names of the other
Coptic alphabetic characters, and thus alphabetic hieroglyphic which used by the pharaohs of Egypt